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Conservative ministers' private data revealed by security flaw in party conference app

Information including mobile phone numbers and email addresses can be accessed. Photo: Twitter/Dawn Foster

The Conservative Party's official conference app appears to have a major security flaw that allows people to access the private data of attendees including Cabinet ministers.

The app allowed anyone to log in simply by using their email address and once logged in, information including mobile phone numbers could be be accessed.

Guardian Columnist Dawn Foster, was one of the first to spot the flaw, tweeted: “The Tory conference app allows you to login as other people and view their contact details just with their email address, no emailed security links, and post comments as them."

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A Tory spokesman said the “technical issue” had been resolved but “we are investigating the issue further and apologise for any concern caused”.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said “we will be making enquiries with the Conservative Party” and “organisations have a legal duty to keep personal data safe and secure”.

Jon Trickett, shadow cabinet office minister, said: "How can we trust this Tory Government with our country's security when they can't even build a conference app that keeps the data of their members, MPs and others attending safe and secure?

"The Conservative Party should roll out some basic computer security training to get their house in order."