Apple adds more than 70 new emoji in latest iPhone update

From curly haired characters to cupcakes, Apple has added more than 70 emoji. Credit: Apple

Apple users will soon have a range of new emoji with the latest iOS update as the tech giant makes moves to better represent their customers.

In addition to the thousands of emoji currently available on Apple products, fresh smiley faces and mythical creatures are part of the new designs.

New smiley faces and animals were previewed on World Emoji Day in July. Credit: Apple
Apple has built on the animal kingdom with new additions such as a lobster emoji. Credit: Apple

Fans will already have seen some emoji such as a kangaroo, lobster, parrot and peacock, which were previewed on World Emoji Day in July.

Keeping with the animal theme, users can also look forward to a llama and mosquito as part of the changes.

Adventurers will be pleased to hear that a compass and a hiking boot will now accompany the existing climbing emoji.

The tech company has become more adventurous with a hiking boot and compass. Credit: Apple
Some additions may be unfamiliar to users such as the moon cake and nazar amulet emoji. Credit: Apple

While some surprising additions to the character based keyboard are the moon cake - a traditional Chinese bakery treat – and a nazar amulet – known as a charm against the evil eye.

New emoji characters are created with the advice of the Unicode Consortium who check the graphics meet a certain standard, approving around 50-100 emoji every year.

Unicode review applications and say on their website emoji must: "connect with the reader and add flavour, colour, and emotion."

The company plans to add more disability-themed emoji set to be released in 2019.