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Dani Dyer hits back at criticism of 'unbelievably dangerous' Love Island

Reality show contestant Dani Dyer has hit back at claims shows like Love Island send an "unbelievably dangerous" message to young people.

This year's winner of that show said people should "take it with a pinch of salt" and "have a laugh with it", after a headteacher raised concerns that social media and reality TV are "image-obsessed".

Speaking at a headteachers conference yesterday, the head of Wimbledon High School Jane Lunnon said Love Island's message appeared to be "conform and look beautiful otherwise you are not worthy of being loved", which she said was "unbelievable dangerous".

I was particularly struck by the Love Island thing - it wasn't just the way it dominated teen consciousness, it was the way it basically dominated public discourse...And Love Island's message, it seems to me, is conform and look beautiful otherwise you are not worthy of being loved.

Which is unbelievably dangerous. And that is what our teens are picking up, of course, when they watch that, but also every time they go online.

It is a real vicious circle, I think, in that regard.

– Jane Lunnon

But Ms Dyer, the daughter of actor Danny Dyer, dismissed these concerns.

The 22-year-old told ITV News: "I think Love Island is something that people come home from work to and watch and enjoy."

"I don't think everything on the TV has to be strong minded and opinions. We have so much of that. "I think those sort of shows, just take them with a pinch of salt, have a laugh with it, you haven't got to take those shows seriously."

"She might not like Love Island - maybe her husband's watching it," she added.

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