Why the 'Brazilian butt lift' is so dangerous

The body which governs British cosmetic surgeons has warned its members against performing procedures known as Brazilian butt lifts.

The cosmetic operation has become hugely popular around the world, inspired by images of celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

But experts here have said it is by far the most dangerous cosmetic surgery and it should be stopped until more research is done into the risks.

The warning comes amid reports a second British woman has died after she had the operation.

Mary O'Brien, a member of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons explained why the surgery is so dangerous.

Miss O'Brien told ITV News: "The difficulty with this operation is that high volumes of fat are harvested from the body and then injected at pressure into areas, where there are very large veins which can form clots, that can then travel to the lung and the heart which can cause fatality

"Our association is particularly concerned about the safety of this procedure and have recommended that certainly this is not an operation that's undertaken because of its unacceptable fatality and also morbidity rate," she added.

The surgeon also revealed there were many risks, particularly:

  • the risk of infection

  • bleeding

  • wound break-downs

  • chronic wounds

Leah Cambridge, a mother-of-three who reportedly died after cosmetic surgery in August. Credit: Facebook

Miss O'Brien further added: "Certainly the morbidity from this operation is significant and it certainly does not justify patients having this procedure provided to them because I don't think they understand fully what is involved."