British women perform stunts on the wings of flying planes above Inner Mongolia at the Alxa Aviation Festival

UK performers delivered a stunt show in sunset on the last day of the Alxa Aviation Festival in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Saturday.

Two well-maintained antique biplanes made during World War II soared and swooped in the sky as glimmering rays of sunset carpeted the golden dunes of the Tengger Desert.

While the biplanes were drawing astonishing trail lines in the air, sky-walkers Georgina, 24, and Kirsten, 21, were also doing their job by providing stunts withstanding a weight load three to four times of their body weight when standing on the plain ground.

According to officials, it is even harder for the biplanes going at 124mph (200km per hour) to 137mph (220 km per hour) to pull off the stunts while the sky-walkers maintained their stances. Performing the moves in such speeds is like making the moves in winds of around 50 metres per second.

The aviation festival kicked off on October 2, with teams from the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and China participating.