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Brexit-voting Hull paints different picture two years on

Two years ago Hull voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, many with the hope of turning the clock back to a better, more prosperous time.

But with March 2019 fast approaching, the picture across the city appears to be shifting.

Some people are not quite so sure about the UK's departure from the EU and what it will entail.

Mark Harrison is one of those who voted to leave, but is now ambivalent.

"I think I have changed my mind if I'm being honest with you," he told ITV News.

"I think we should never be frightened that we've made a mistake, rethinking and going again."

Mark Harrison had voted for leave.

Paul Dolan runs City of Hull Boxing Club.

He believes that the protracted negotiations have put many people off the idea of leaving the bloc.

"I think that it's been dragging out for that long now that everybody has forgotten what they voted for," he said.

"If I knew it was going to be this kind of mess I probably wouldn't have [voted for Brexit]."

Paul Dolan would consider changing his vote.

Victory Leisure Homes is the biggest producer of caravans in the UK.

The firm produces 1,000 caravans a year, and exports many of them to Europe.

Gary Corlyon, who works at Victory Leisure Homes, originally voted to leave.

"I think initially immigration and NHS under-funding was a significant factor for me personally," he says.

"But as a business going forward, the uncertainty and lack of clarity has made me waver a little bit."

Gary Corlyon is concerned about the impact on business.

There are, nevertheless, many people who still feel as strongly as when they voted to quit the EU.

Aidan Holland, another worker at Victory Leisure Homes, is one of those.

"If I was to take the vote again I would do the same thing, despite the uncertainty," he says.

Aidan Holland says he would still vote for leave.

Still, there are others who just think that the drawn-out negotiations have put the public off.

Ellie Clark says: "I think everyone is sick of hearing about it because it's always about making a deal and what not.

"It's constantly on the news and I think everyone wants it just to be over now and have that deal."

With time running out, the future is sure to look clearer soon.

Ellie Clark believes people are tired of negotiations.