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The superstars who have met the president at the White House

Kanye West will meet Donald Trump on Thursday. Credit: AP

Kanye West will visit the White House on Thursday to meet Donald Trump and watch him sign a bill reforming music licensing and royalty payments.

The rapper is scheduled to sit down with the president to discuss prison reform, manufacturing jobs and reducing gang violence in his hometown of Chicago.

Celebrities often visit the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but which famous faces have met with presidents to champion other causes?

  • Bruce Willis and George W. Bush
Credit: AP

Actor Bruce Willis was alongside President George W. Bush in 2002 at the unveiling of a new public service advertising campaign encouraging Americans to adopt children in foster care.

President Bush tapped Willis to serve as a national spokesperson for children in foster care, calling the star a "tough guy" with a big heart.

  • Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan
Credit: AP

In 1984, singer Michael Jackson was invited to the White House following his part in a national campaign against drunk driving.

He was presented with an award on the South Lawn by President Ronald Reagan.

  • Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon
Credit: Presidential Library

Perhaps one of the more bizarre encounters between a president and a superstar, the King of Rock visited the Oval Office just before Christmas 1970.

The meeting came after Elvis wrote to the president while on a flight offering "any service I can to help the country out", suggesting he could be a "federal agent at large" and help deal with the country's drug problem by working with young people.

The singer and actor personally delivered the letter to a security guard at the northwest gate of the White House on December 21 and a meeting was arranged for that day and Elvis brought a gun as a gift for the president.

The meeting was dramatised in a 2016 Hollywood film starring Michael Shannon and now-disgraced Kevin Spacey.

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  • George Clooney and Barack Obama
George Clooney and Barack Obama play basketball after a meeting in 2016. Credit: Official White House Photo/Pete Souza

The actor and the Democratic president have been friends for years and have been pictured playing basketball together.

But there was also a serious reason behind their get togethers, with the pair discussing the humanitarian situation in Sudan on numerous occassions.

President Obama meets with George Clooney in 2009. Credit: Official White House Photo/Pete Souza
  • Kim Kardashian West and Donald Trump
Kim Kardashian West with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Credit: Donald Trump/Twitter

Kanye West's wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, met President Donald Trump in May and successfully lobbied for the release of a grandmother serving a life sentence.

A week after their meeting, Mr Trump granted 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson clemency, freeing her from prison after more than two decades in jail on drug charges.

  • Jerry Lewis and Jimmy Carter
President Jimmy Carter, second from left, meets with Jerry Lewis, right. Credit: AP

President Jimmy Carter met with comedian Jerry Lewis at the White House in June 1978.

Earlier in the day Lewis was presented with the American Institute for Public Service Jefferson Award for the Greatest Public Service Benefiting the Disadvantaged for his work as national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

  • Macklemore and Barack Obama

In 2016, rapper Macklemore visited the White House to discuss America's opioid crisis with Barack Obama.

Macklemore, who has previously struggled with addiction, appeared alongside the president in his weekly address to make the case for more funding for treatment programmes.

  • Mary Pickford and Herbert Hoover
Credit: AP

In November 1931 film star Mary Pickford was at the White House to give President Herbert Hoover tickets for a film industry benefit for the unemployed.

Pickford used her prominence in the movie industry to promote various causes during her career.

  • Tom Hanks and Bill Clinton
Tom Hanks, James Lovell, centre, and Bill Clinton. Credit: AP

President Clinton met actor Tom Hanks and former astronaut James Lovell in the Oval Office in 1995 to present Lovell with the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Hanks joined in after portraying Lovell in the movie "Apollo 13".

  • Whitney Houston and George H. Bush
Credit: AP

President George H. Bush met Whitney Houston in the Oval Office in May 1990.

Houston was in Washington to participate in a Youth Leadership Forum.

  • Mr. T and First Lady Nancy Reagan
Credit: AP

I pity the fool who didn't make it to the end of this article.

For those of you who did, here's this classic photo of First Lady Nancy Reagan sitting on the knee of TV star Mr. T dressed as Father Christmas as he helped unveil the White House's Christmas decorations in 1983.

The pair had previously bonded over their anti-drug stance, and Mr T. mourned her death in 2016, tweeting that he would "truly miss" her.