30-stone man banned from local fast food restaurants as officials urge action on Britain's growing obesity crisis

A 30-stone man from Middlesborough has been banned from his local fast food restaurants.

Darren MClintock, known to his friends as Dibsy, has hired a personal trainer to help him shed the pounds - and his methods involve more than just the treadmill.

As well as putting the 27-year-old through his paces, the trainer has banned takeaways from serving him by handing out shocking posters that state: 'Save Dibsy. Obesity is Killing Him'.

Dibsy has lost nearly 2st in less than a week and he is delighted with the results.

"It's absolutely amazing isn't it? Unbelievable to lose a 1st and 11lb in five days is phenomenal," he told ITV News.

Dibsy is happy with his progress so far. Credit: ITV News

Dibsy's own battle with obesity is certainly not unique.

Despite millions being spent on public health campaigns, the majority of British adults are obese or overweight.

In a bid to tackle the obesity crisis, officials are recommending a calorie limit on certain foods by shrinking the size pies and pizzas in restaurants.

Public Health England want the calorie content to be cut by 20& and a calorie cap on savoury pies to no more than 695, and a limit of 928 calories for a standard pizza.

The majority of adults in Britain are overweight or obese. Credit: ITV News
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Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum: "The proposed guidelines are not mandatory and campaigners do not think they go far enough.

"They are still seen to be voluntary. They Department of Health ran a voluntary scheme three or four years ago and it was an abject failure. And now they've got to be tough."

While portion control is up to the individual, the government hope these guidelines will help Britons, like Dibsy, to shed the pounds.