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Mother and baby left battered and bruised after a ferocious hailstorm in Queensland

A mother and her baby were left badly bruised after a violent hailstorm in Queensland, Australia.

The storm shattered the windows of Fiona’s Simpsons car – prompting her to shield her baby from glass and the elements.

She pulled over on the side of a highway after leaving the town of Nanango when she entered the full strength of the super-cell storm - one of three that lashed the state along with two tornadoes.

When a back window was shattered, she leapt into the back seat and put her body between her baby and the large hailstones raining down on them.

Soon afterwards a front window also smashed, Simpson desperately tried to also shield her elderly grandmother.

The trio eventually drove to a nearby home and called the ambulance.

Simpson's daughter suffered bumps to her head, and her grandmother spent the night in hospital after the hailstones “shredded” her skin.