Plymouth's historic Drake's Island goes on sale for £6 million

An historic fortress island from which Sir Francis Drake set off to sail around the world has been put up for sale with a guide price of £6 million.

Drake's Island in Plymouth Sound comes with a barracks which was built in the 16th century as a defence against the French and Spanish.

Perhaps more appealing to a potential buyer is existing planning permission for a multi-million pound redevelopment which would see the old fortifications converted into a luxury hotel.

How the main buildings look today. Credit: JLL
An artist's impression of the planned resort. Credit: JLL

The six-acre island has gone unused for decades as the owners tried to get the green light for the resort.

The plans were approved in April last year to convert the Governor's House and Barracks into a 43-bedroom hotel.

The existing structure includes a network of underground tunnels and gun rooms, which were built in the 1860s

Some parts of the island are currently overgrown. Credit: JLL
The fortress was set up as a defence against the French and Spanish. Credit: JLL

Various protected species have made Drake's Island their home, including egrets, horseshoe bats and seahorses.

Sir Francis set sail from the island in 1577, returning in 1580 after circumnavigating the globe. He was later made governor of the island.

More recently the island was used as a youth adventure training centre between 1963 and 1989 before being purchased by the current owners in 1995.

The island has featured in documentaries on the BBC and Channel 4.

What a room in the new hotel could look like. Credit: JLL
The planned restaurant. Credit: JLL