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France flash flooding leaves at least 10 people dead and others seriously injured

At least 10 people have been killed by flash flooding in southwest France.

Officials warned on Monday that the number could rise, with the Aude region particularly affected.

Several people were also seriously injured when heavy downpours turned streams into raging torrents over the weekend.

French president Emmanuel Macron said the "solidarity" of the nation was with those affected.

In some areas, several months worth of rain fell in just a few hours.

The Orbieu River, near the southeastern town of Ribaute, overflowed dangerously after rising nearly two-and-a-half metres.

Video footage from one scene showed overturned cars and stranded people being winched to safety by a helicopter.

President Macron is expected to travel to the area soon.

The southwest of France was particularly affected. Credit: AP

France's interior ministry said that nine of those killed had been from one town, Trebes.

Another town, Villegailhenc, also saw deaths.

Ministry spokesperson Frederic de Lanouvelle said that at least one person remained missing.

The rain, which spread in from the Mediterranean, had begun to ease by Monday morning.

In Villegailhenc, one resident said the waters rose so quickly that people became stranded on the roofs of their homes.

A video she posted showed a ripped-up road where the bridge used to be, with the town now cut in half.

Several people were seriously injured. Credit: AP