Kanye and Kim Kardashian West sign pair of trainers for Uganda's president

Kanye West (Jonathan Brady/PA) Credit: AP

Kanye West has met with the President of Uganda, less than a week after holding talks with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

The musician and his reality star wife Kim Kardashian West gave President Yoweri Museveni a pair of signed trainers.

He spoke with Museveni, 74, about tourism and industry in the east African nation, in which the rapper is said to be recording music in a tent.

At one point Kanye West said it was going to be like "Jurassic Park, Disney World", prompting the President to ask what Jurassic Park was.

The couple have been holidaying in a national park in Uganda, and excited tourism officials see the visit as an endorsement of the country’s tourism potential.

The President said he and West held “fruitful discussions”, and he also gave the couple “Ugandan” names - Kanyesigye and Kemigisha.

While Uganda’s presidency released photos of a hoodie-wearing West meeting Mr Museveni at the State House, some Ugandans pointed out that the president cracked down on hoodies earlier this year, saying motorcycle riders could no longer wear them in a bid to fight rising crime.

The president reportedly cracked down on hoodies earlier this year. Credit: AP

Mr Museveni, one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, has been at the centre of unrest in recent weeks after a local pop star-turned-opposition politician, Bobi Wine, alleged torture by security forces.

The government denies it.

Uganda’s large youth population has increasingly expressed frustration over unemployment and accused the president of being out of touch.

The government recently imposed a tax on social media and the constitution was changed to remove an age limit on the presidency, leading some to worry that Mr Museveni plans to rule for life.