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Road safety experts worried drivers overestimating so-called 'self-driving' cars

  • Video report by ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi

For certain car buyers who fancy an easier ride behind the wheel, the new self-drive technology is proving pretty tempting.

Road safety experts have told ITV News they are worried that drivers are overestimating what the technology can do - based on what some say are exaggerated claims by the car makers.

A survey says one in ten drivers with so-called highway assist systems would consider having a short nap while the car drives itself.

Tesla's self-driving cars have in the past ended up on the police's radar after one of its cars was filmed travelling on a road without a driver behind the wheel.

A Tesla car filmed travelling on the road without a human driver behind the wheel. Credit: Tesla

Matthew Avery, director of research at Thatcham Research, a centre focusing on car safety, told ITV News what the main problems with the so-called self-driving features are.

He said: "Inherently they're driver-assisted systems designed to help you but not take over the driving task".

Police have echoed Mr Avery's advice saying that a human is still needed when these technologies are in use.

Inspector Jamie Langwith from Hertfordshire Police said: "There are technologies out there like cruise control, like lane departure mode etc etc but you must also be in a position where you can take control of that vehicle".