Emmanuel Macron steers First World War centenary commemoration towards 'celebration of peace'

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Angus Walker

Many countries in Europe and other parts of the world are preparing to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War next month.

Emmanuel Macron of France, however, has chosen this particular anniversary to do things differently.

He says ceremonies marking the centenary must avoid commemorating it as a military triumph.

Reaction to his decision has been mixed.

Joseph Zimet is the head of the First World War Centenary Mission.

The French centenary celebrations are set to have as much focus on peace as they are on the military.

Joseph Zimet, director of the First World War Centenary Mission, said: "I think we have tried to combine both ideas, commemorating our military history in the respect of history and addressing peace through more diplomatic and political events."

Up to 80 heads of state are expected to be in Paris for the commemorations.

Up to 80 heads of state will attend the commemoration in Paris.

All of them, including Donald Trump, have been asked to attend a peace conference on the eve of Armistice Day.

The White House is yet to accept the invitation.

Tension also remains between military and civilian organisers of the events planned, with an apparent fear that any celebration of a glorious victory would somehow offend many French people who see the war as a misguided mass slaughter.