Scotland mulls law change after American hunter causes outrage posing with dead goat

Credit: Larysa Switlyk/Twitter

The Scottish government is to review the law around animal culling after an American hunter angered thousands of people by shooting and posing with animals on the island of Islay.

Larysa Switlyk, who describes herself as a "professional huntress" and the host of a TV show, posted a picture of herself smiling behind a wild goat.

Twitter users condemned the images as "sickening" and "truly abhorrent" but the Scottish Government said responsible and appropriate culling of some wild animals, including deer and goats, is not illegal.

However the law is to be reviewed and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "Totally understandable why the images from Islay of dead animals being held up as trophies is so upsetting and offensive to people.

She said the Scottish government will consider whether the laws need to be changed.

Celebrities and members of the public took to social media to vent their fury at the images.

Sarah Moyes, campaigner for OneKind which campaigns against animal cruelty, said: "It's utterly shocking to see these images of Larysa Switlyk and other hunters posing for photos with the wild animals they killed on a recent trip to Scotland.

"Yet again, instead of celebrating Scotland's magnificent wildlife, we are seeing these beautiful animals exploited in the name of sport.

"This is not the kind of tourism we should be encouraging in Scotland, let alone allowing to happen in the 21st century."