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Supermarket robber shown wrestling police officer from patrol car in Horsham

A supermarket robber who threw a police officer from her patrol car in a bid to escape has been jailed for 14 years.

Owen Smith was caught on CCTV grappling with the police officer as she sat in the driver's seat, dragging her out and dumping her on the ground.

The unemployed 29-year-old had ransacked a Tesco Express in Horsham using a baseball during the early hours of July 6, Hove Crown Court heard.

A staff member managed to call police who arrived as the two attackers meant to take off.

CCTV showed Smith wrestle PC Ellie Young out of the car and then climb into the driver's seat.

But PC Young's partner and other police officers managed to swarm the car and arrest Smith before he drove away.

Back-up officers managed to help detain Smith. Credit: Sussex Police

Smith and his accomplice attempted to steal cash, cigarettes and alcohol from the shop at the Esso garage in Redkiln Way.

While officers were assessing the scene, PC Young's car, which was on routine patrol, stumbled across the crime in progress.

PC Young was left with arm, leg, shoulder and neck injuries but continued to tackle smith with PC Vicky Canales.

Smith was eventually tasered before being arrested.

Smith and his accomplice ransacked a Tesco Express. Credit: Sussex Police

The 29-year-old, of no fixed address, admitted assault by beating a police officer, possession of a baseball bat as an offensive weapon, robbery and taking a police vehicle without consent.

Detective Chief Inspector Justina Beeken said: "Watching the CCTV of Owen Smith attacking our officers is absolutely harrowing, not least due to the ferocity of the attack, and I commend the officers' bravery and commitment that evening in arresting him."

Smith's accomplice remains on the run.