Poll: Voters in every Labour-held constituency support a people's vote on Brexit'

The campaign calls for the public to have a final say on the Brexit deal. Credit: PA

Voters in every seat held by a Labour MP support the idea of a so-called 'people's vote' on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, according to a large-scale new poll released on Friday.

The YouGov survey, conducted as part of the People's Vote campaign, asked just under 26,000 people their thoughts.

With 'don't know' or 'no vote' answers excluded, it found that in all 259 Labour-held seats, voters from all parties would support giving the public the final say on the deal drawn up.

The highest degree of support was 74%, recorded in the constituencies of Bristol West, Manchester Withington and Islington North - the seat held by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The lowest level of support still came out in overall favour at 53%, recorded in Ashfield.

The difference was even higher among Labour supporters, with at least two-thirds of those who voted for Mr Corbyn's party in 2017 backing the idea.

Thousands of people marched in October supporting calls for a 'people's vote'. Credit: PA

Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips has now lent her support to the campaign, saying her constituents felt they had been "failed" by the negotiations.

Peter Kellner, a former President of YouGov and one of Britain’s most respected pollsters, said the MRP technique had proved more accurate in the past than other polling techniques.

A YouGov MRP analysis ahead of the general election in 2017 indicted a hung parliament, while others had predicted a comfortable victory for the Conservatives.

And it predicted Hillary Clinton might lose the Presidential race, despite winning the popular vote.