Will Jeremy Corbyn feel obliged to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

Here is a funny thing, perhaps a very important thing.

Theresa May knows her favoured backstop to keep the UK in a customs union comes with EU strings - namely sticking to EU rules on workers’ rights, consumer standards and the environment, because the EU insists there must be a “level playing field” for trade between the UK and EU in return for giving the UK the privilege of tariff-free and quota-free trade with EU single market.

But that is precisely the deal Jeremy Corbyn told the Labour conference in Liverpool his party world support (see below).

What Jeremy Corbyn told the Labour conference his party world support.

So Labour and Jeremy Corbyn would really be on hook to support May’s likely Brexit deal, if only she stopped calling it a “temporary” customs union.

And if Tory true Brexiters scent a fiendish Downing St conspiracy, would any of you be surprised?!