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Florida - a reflection of what happened in the mid-term elections across America

The mid-term results in the state of Florida reflected the overall national picture across the United States.

The Democrats gained some seats in the House of Representatives but the Republicans held on to their Senate seats.

Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum lost a very close race for Governor to Republican Ron DeSantis.

Tear in Florida as residents watch the mid-term elections.

Carina Gallo told ITV News Correspondent Rachel Younger: "I wasn't totally expecting it to be a sure thing but I thought it would be better.

"I'm surprised so many people came out for Republican, I really am."

Carina Gallo:

Others Democrats saw the results in a more positive light.

"We have an opportunity now to control the House, to be a check on Trump," Chris Caine, in Florida, told ITV News.

"It could have gone much better but it's also a very good start for us."