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Grandfather uses 12 phones to play Pokémon Go

Chen San-yuan is often referred to as Uncle Pokémon. Credit: Twitter/Nintendo Life

A 70-year-old grandfather from Taiwan uses 12 phones to make the most out of playing Pokémon Go.

Chen San-yuan, who is sometimes referred to as Uncle Pokémon, has been seen with phones strapped to both his bike and to his body.

He spends more than $1,000 each month on equipment and in-app purchases.

The grandfather plays the game to help him meet new people, according to local news.

Mr San-yuan also carries a bag of batteries with him that gives him more than 20 hours of playing time.

Sometimes he stays out until the early hours of the morning playing the game.

The game took off in July 2016 and players across the world were hooked. Credit: AP

One aspect of Pokémon Go Mr San-yuan rarely partakes in, is gym battles, as he said it would be unfair to other players.

He told a Taiwan news outlet he would prefer to walk around catching and upgrading rare Pokémon.

The game took off in July 2016 and players across the world were hooked to their mobile phones to catch virtual monsters.

A player would flick 'Pokeballs' on their phone at creatures to capture them and go up a level.

The game has also faced criticism, with suggestions Pokémon Go increases the risk of injury through distraction.