University of Oxford 'takes responsibility for missing an opportunity' after denying it rejected Stormzy scholarship

Stormzy's scholarships for black students attending Cambridge University were unveiled in the summer. Credit: PA

The University of Oxford has taken "responsibility for missing an opportunity" after its rival, Cambridge, took a scholarship offer from Stormzy.

The grime artist said the University of Oxford told him to "get lost" after he proposed his scholarship scheme to them.

The university say that while they are "not accusing Stormzy of lying", they did not receive a "developed proposal for student support".

The artist's Cambridge scholarships will pay for two black students to attend the university.

He unveiled the program in the summer to encourage the admission of more black students to top universities, after none got into some University of Cambridge colleges between 2012 and 2016.

In 2017 only 17.9% of Oxford's new applicants were from black or minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

A spokesperson for the University of Oxford told ITV News: "We have spoken with Stormzy's management and clarified we are keen to work with him further..."

They added: "We are absolutely not accusing Stormzy of lying. There was no developed proposal either to accept or decline, but we take responsibility for missing an opportunity.

"We are speaking with his team to establish why we did not respond effectively and have assured Stormzy’s team we are very keen to talk further."