Britain's knife crime epidemic claims the lives of at least 35 people under the age of 20 ITV News investigation reveals

Allegra Stratton

Former National Editor

Thirty five teenagers have been stabbed to death in the UK so far this year- three in the last eight days in London.

Data compiled by ITV News shows each victim of murder or manslaughter aged 19 or under in the UK since January 1st, 2018.

The majority of deaths have been gang related, two in domestic violence and a small number in random attacks.

This year's fatal stabbings have already claimed more lives than up to this time in 2017 in England and Wales.

Many cases are still being investigated or prosecuted by police, and in many cases suspects have been arrested and bailed and re-bailed.

In one murder case there is to be a retrial.

Exactly one fifth of the under-20s stabbed to death in the UK this year have been 15-years-old or younger.

In the case of Samuel Baker - aged 15 when he was stabbed to death - another 15-year-old has been jailed for his manslaughter.

Two other 15 year-olds are also serving jail sentences for manslaughter (both of Jordan Carter).

Samuel Baker, 15, died in Sheffield on May 24th 2018.

Almost half (43%) of the fatal stabbings of under-20s so far this year have taken place in London - 15 under-20s have been stabbed to death in the capital so far in 2018.

The West Midlands has had the next highest number of fatal stabbings, with four deaths, followed by Yorkshire, with three.

Daniel Gee Jamieson was 16 when he was stabbed to death in a field in Liverpool in July.

His mother Mandy Jamieson was at her son's side minutes after he was injured and recalled watching the life draining from him.

Daniel Gee-Jamieson, 16, died in Liverpool on July 3rd 2018.

A 17 -year -old boy, charged with his murder will go to trial next year.

ITV News' data shows an overwhelming pattern, nearly 90% of those stabbed to death this year have been male.

While every person convicted of murder or manslaughter in cases of fatal stabbings so far this year have been male.

In 10 of the 35 cases, no charges have been brought in relation to the deaths.

  • Britain's knife crime epidemic in numbers


Male: 31Female: 4


Aged 8: 1

Aged: 11: 1

Aged 14: 1

Aged 15: 4

Aged 16: 5

Aged 17: 6

Aged 18: 11

Aged 19: 6


London: 15

West Midlands: 4 (Walsall, Walsall, Sutton Colefield, Wolverhampton)

Yorkshire: 3 (Sheffield; Sheffield; Halifax)

Bedfordshire: 2 (Bedford; Luton)

Hertfordshire: 2 (Berkhamstead; Watford)

Hampshire: 1 (Southampton)

Essex: 1 (Southend)

Gloucestershire: 1 (Gloucester)

Oxfordshire: 1 (Oxford)

Cheshire: 1 (Runcorn)

Northamptonshire: 1 (Northampton)

Suffolk: 1 (Ipswich)

Liverpool: 1

Scotland: 1