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Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron seek to ease tension before WWI anniversary

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have sought to ease tensions over comments by both leaders that threatened to cast a shadow over a weekend marking 100 years since the end of World War One.

The American and French leaders, who have had somewhat of an up-and-down relationship, worked to project unity of opinion over whether Europe should create an army of its own.

Mr Trump said comments by the French president were "insulting" - but President Macron’s office said the US leader misunderstood the comments.

Mr Macron said in an interview earlier this week that Europe needs to protect itself against “China, Russia and even the United States” in terms of cyberspace.

Later, President Macron reiterated that Europe needs to build up its own military because it can no longer depend on the US for defence.

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As he arrived in France late on Friday, Mr Trump unleashed a Twitter jab at Mr Macron, saying he had "just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the US, China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of Nato, which the US subsidises greatly!”

The leaders met at the Elysee Palace and, asked about the tweet, President Trump said President Macron “understands that the United States can only do so much”, adding that the US wants to help.

President Trump added that he and President Macron are “getting along from the standpoint of fairness”.

President Macron defended his viewpoint, saying: “I do share President Trump’s views that we need a much better burden sharing with Nato and that’s why I do believe that my proposal for a European defence is utterly consistent with that.”

Mr Trump and Mr Macron gave a thumbs up when the US president arrived. Credit: AP

President Trump has made similar arguments, particularly in urging Nato’s European members to increase its share of defence spending.

In comment before the leaders went behind closed doors for talks, President Macron referred to President Trump as “my good friend” and appeared to tap him on the thigh.

President Trump will join scores of other world leaders on Sunday for a ceremony in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe to mark the WWI centennial.

He had planned to visit the American cemetery in Belleau, France, to pay respects to US soldiers who died on French soil, but the White House scrapped the visit because of rain.

Mr Trump is scheduled to visit a different American cemetery in France on Sunday.