Ashburton in Devon launches naked calendar to boost business

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

A Devon town has released its very own x-rated, naked calendar in a bid to raise its profile.

Ashburton, on the southern edge of Dartmoor, had dozens of people from local businesses sign up to get their kit off when the scheme was first announced.

It is hoped that the calendar will help promote the town's independent businesses, support local projects and bring the community together.

Ashburton is on the southern tip of Dartmoor.
Dozens of people signed up to feature in the calendar.

Within an hour of the idea being proposed, organisers had 24 willing volunteers - despite fears the project would not kick off.

Now those taking part say that a buzz has been created around Ashburton and that the calendar is "getting people talking".

People say that there is a 'buzz' in the town following the calendar's release.
The calendar was tastefully done.

With independent traders facing a tough climate on the high street and increased competition from chains, the calendar idea was conceived as a potential remedy.

Having seen that the appetite was there, the calendar has now gone into circulation.

Ashburton's sub-postmaster Stuart Rogers, who helped drive the project, said: "We thought we were going to struggle to get 12, a 12-month calendar.

"Within an hour we already had 24, and it just kept growing and growing and growing."

Simon Booth, a shopkeeper in the town.

Simon Booth, a shopkeeper in the town, said: "It's worked.

"People in the town are talking to each other, people that weren't speaking before.

"There's been a good buzz around the town."

Ashburton is certainly creating publicity, and managing to do it tastefully too.

The calendar is designed to raise the town's profile.