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Egypt’s newly discovered tombs contain cat mummies

Mummified cats inside a tomb. Credit: AP

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered seven Pharaonic Age tombs near the capital Cairo containing dozens of cat mummies.

Rare scarabs and wooden artwork depicting birds, dating back 6,000 years, were also unearthed.

Ministry official Mostafa Waziri told reporters the discovery at Saqqara of scarabs were the first ever to be found in the area.

Archaeologists have discovered dozens of cat mummies in Saqqara, Egypt. Credit: Ministry of Antiquities/ Twitter

Of the statues found, those depicting cats were the majority, reflecting the reverence ancient Egyptians showed the felines, whose God Bastet was worshipped.

Other statues depicted a lion, a cow and a falcon.

Egypt has been promoting its new historical discoveries in the hope of reviving a devastated tourism sector still recovering from the turmoil following a 2011 uprising which toppled long-time leader Hosni Mubarak.

Mummified scarabs were also found in the ancient tomb. Credit: Ministry of Antiquities/ Twitter
Mummified scarabs on display in a glass case in Saqqara, Giza, Egypt. Credit: AP