Badger culling only has 'modest effect' in stopping spread of bovine TB

  • Video report by ITV News science editor Tom Clarke

The culling of badgers hasn't been effective in halting the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, a report has suggested, throwing the theory of badger culling into question.

An independent review, commissioned by the government into its strategy for tackling bovine TB, found culling showed a "real effect but a modest effect".

Farmers have been told to do more to stop cow to cow contamination instead.

Cows are having to be slaughtered to stop the spread of bovine TB. Credit: ITV News

There are thought to be around half a million badgers in England, and since 2013 around 34,000 have been culled.

However in just the twelve months to June, more than 30,000 cows were slaughtered as a result of bovine TB.