Can Cabinet approve a Brexit plan that MPs look set to reject?

Even if no Cabinet minister resigns over the Brexit deal, which I think likely, that does not mean Cabinet will and should approve it.

As I asked, can they, in good conscience, collectively approve a deal which they do not see getting through Parliament?

Remember that time is massively of the essence.

Brexit day is March 29, 2019, and to approve a deal that Parliament is expected to reject would consume invaluable time, which could be better filled either preparing as effectively as is practicable for a no-deal Brexit, or trying to stop the Brexit clock (which is what some Remainer Tories now see as the only responsible course).

If the Cabinet are aware they are on the Titanic heading for the iceberg, would it not be their duty to change course?

So, to repeat, they will need to be properly convinced that Theresa May has a credible plan to muster the numbers to win the meaningful vote.

And right now, I don’t see how she wins it.