• Video report by ITV News correspondent Damon Green

Sunderland voted to leave the EU in the referendum, by more than 60%.

However the people of this city in the north east haven't seen much change since.

Many leave voters in the area cited lack of investment and lack of interest from Westminster politicians for their reason to vote out.

"I know I'm bored with it now," said Elsie Storey.

"It doesn't seem to be going anywhere, it's taking too long."

Denis McCain voted to leave and is frustrated with the current situation. Credit: ITV News

Another leave voter, Denis McCain, said: "We're half in and half out. We don't want to be half in and half out. We want to be out. What we voted for."

People who voted remain have other ideas though.

"We actually need these people to keep the economy running," Keith Purvis said.

61.3% of voters in Sunderland opted for Brexit in the EU referendum in 2016. Credit: ITV News

"We need these specialised skills in the country, it's actually good for the country that these people want to come and work within Britain," he said.

Two years on, the vote of 2016 seems to have changed nobody's mind, and nothing else at all.