Will Dominic Raab’s resignation lead to Theresa May’s?

Raab’s resignation letter says May has agreed to be shackled by the EU. Credit: PA

This is a PM who has shown herself capable of surviving extraordinary personal humiliations.

But to lose two Brexit secretaries - David Davis and now Raab - in fairly rapid succession is a set back of a different magnitude.

They were supposed to be in charge of Brexit.

And yet both have resigned rather than being associated with a Brexit plan they hate and squarely lay at her door.

Raab’s resignation letter says she has agreed to be shackled by the EU to an extent that "no democratic nation" has ever allowed.

Theresa May speaking to the press after a five-hour Cabinet meeting to discuss her Brexit plan. Credit: PA

So Mrs May is now personally and inextricably linked to a Brexit plan - the most important British initiative in modern times - which parliament is set to reject.

It is almost impossible to see how she can survive as Tory leader and PM after such a shattering blow to her reputation for competence.

She said a few days ago we are at the Brexit end game.

I suspect instead we are at the May-as-PM end game.