Sir Kenny Dalglish thankful for football career as he is knighted

Football legend Kenny Dalglish has expressed his gratitude for such a successful career in the game after he was knighted by Prince Charles.

Sir Kenny received the knighthood on Thursday for his services on and off the pitch.

Speaking to ITV News, the Liverpool legend said that he had dedicated his life to helping others after deciding to hang up his boots.

Affectionately known as "King Kenny" at Anfield, the 67-year-old is widely regarded as Liverpool's greatest ever player, but also enjoyed a successful stint as the club's manager and that of Blackburn Rovers.

His investiture also recognised Sir Kenny's help in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster and subsequent charity work alongside his wife, Marina.

Sir Kenny told ITV News: "The football was something that you looked forward to and you wanted to do it and you were lucky that you got that far and made that much success.

"Then you move on in your life, and life for me is all about helping people."

Sir Kenny said that the victims of the Hillsborough disaster and those affected were in his thoughts as the investiture ceremony approached.

The Scot, who visited and supported many of those involved in the tragedy, told ITV News: "They also stood beside us many, many times.

"We only did for them what I would expect you to do for somebody. They helped us on many occasions, unfortunately it was in better circumstances, maybe during a game, so when their time came it was not much to ask, that we could turn into being the supporter.

"It just came naturally to everybody. We never did it for any outside accolades. We did it because we thought it was right."

The charity run by Sir Kenny and his wife, the Marina Dalglish Appeal, has raised more than £10 million to help treat cancer.