LGBT couples in migrant caravan 'marry' in mass-wedding on US border

Seven LGBT couples in the migrant caravan heading for the US have taken part in a mass symbolic wedding.

As the group hopes and waits for access into America in the Mexican border town of Tijuana, the ceremony was organised so that the couples could demonstrate their commitment to each other.

In Central America, where the couples are from, LGBT people face discrimination, assault and even murder, just for being themselves.

The couples 'married' while they wait and hope to cross into America. Credit: APTN

Pedro Nehemias Pastor de Leon married his boyfriend in the symbolic wedding, and told how it was a "dream come true" for the pair.

The migrant from Guatemala continued: "In our countries you don't see this [LGBT weddings] and we always wanted it and today that we have this opportunity we are very happy, really very happy."

When asked what the couple planned to do next, he added: "To be together, to fight together as we have been doing, facing the problems that will appear, and overall to fight to have a better life, better than the one we had in our countries."

Pedro Nehemias Pastor de Leon (right) 'marries' his partner. Credit: APTN