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Easyjet chief executive Johan Lundgren confident flights will continue in a no-deal Brexit

Passengers will not see any disruption in Easyjet flights even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the low-cost airline’s boss told ITV News.

CEO Johan Lundgren said the airline had been preparing for Brexit for two years and could cope with a worst-case scenario.

“I feel confident that flying will continue with Easyjet – uninterrupted as well without any problems because we have also seen statements from the European Commission as late as last week when they confirmed they would protect air traffic rights, and that’s something that’s been reciprocated by the UK government.

“We take those things into the context of our own preparation and that makes me confident that flying will continue post-March 2019.” He said all flights would continue even if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Asked if the airline would refund any passengers whose flights were cancelled, he said: “We’re confident that flying will continue but of course we will follow all the terms and continues that we normally have in the case of any cancellations – but we don’t foresee that at all.”

Easyjet's profits have increased in the year to September 2018. Credit: PA

In today’s annual results Easyjet reported a 41% increase in pre-tax profits in the year to September 2018, with headline profits of £578 million, up from £445 million the previous year.

The group said it flew a record 88.5 million passengers over the year, up 10.2% on 2017.

After rival Ryanair introduced a cabin baggage charge, Mr Lundgren said that Easyjet was not looking to bring in a similar policy. “We have no current plans to change the way we charge for things today and we have no plans to do any changes to our hand luggage policy,” he said.

He said fares would remain “competitive” next year despite rising fuel prices.

Asked whether he backed Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement, he said “We will of course look for clarity and certainty around what the future will be, but we’ve been planning for all scenarios within that and I focus on the things that are in my control and Easyjet’s control.”