Royal wedding baker Claire Ptak on running a market stall to creating Harry and Meghan's cake

Having any role to play in Harry and Meghan's royal wedding must have been daunting.

But how did it feel to create the masterpiece cake viewed by millions and eaten by 700 guests, including the Queen and Oprah?

According to Claire Ptak, the answer is: a little stressful.

She is the now-famous baker from California who, one day last January, received an unexpected email request asking her east London bakery if it fancied catering desserts for the year's most high-profile nuptials.

"Obviously it was very exciting so we sort of dropped everything and replied right away and tried to figure out how we could do what we needed to do," Claire told Julie Etchingham in the latest edition of ITV News's digital series Ask a Woman.

Claire had been contacted by fellow Californian Meghan a few years ago for an interview but that could never have prepared her for a cake 'show and tell' at Kensington Palace.

"I actually brought six cakes because I just wanted to give them a lot of options. So I brought them, we sat down, we had a really great chat - we talked about being from California and living in London.

"Then she told me what she wanted for her wedding."

The "workaholic" said despite trying to "have a balance in my life and work", her coping mechanism for the biggest job of her life was to "keep working and keep going".

Every element of Harry and Meghan's wedding in May gained global attention. Credit: PA

For Claire, whose other clients include celebrity chefs Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, it has been a long journey after getting her first kitchen job at the age of 12.

After working various jobs outside of cooking, Claire decided she wanted to be a baker full time and got a job in a top US restaurant.

Before long she realised she wanted to be her own boss and moved to London where she set up her own cake stall at a local market and saved up until she could afford to open Violet bakery in 2010.

Claire Ptak's bakery in Hackney, east London, has run since 2010. Credit: ITV News

Her advice to anyone hoping to set up their own business is: "You'll have moments of success and you'll have moments when people aren't really noticing what you're doing, but stick to it and don't waver, because it will come around."

So after the success of the royal wedding, who is on her hit list to bake a cake for?

Claire said after seeing the likes of Oprah and Serena Williams tucking into her creation in May, she's keen for a break from big name eaters.

But that didn't stop her contemplating the Ask A Woman selection of three dream dinner guests, from any point in history.

Frida Kahlo and Michelle Obama, seen at Barack Obama's inauguration ball in 2013, would be Claire Ptak's dream dinner guests. Credit: AP

Like previous guest Miriam González Durántez, she immediately named creative inspiration Frida Kahlo as a definite invite.

The iconic Mexican artist, who died in 1954, would be joined at the table by Michelle Obama, who Claire said she knew a little already having attended "her husband's" inauguration.

And the final pick? This choice was clearly the most emotional for Claire, who selected her late grandmother.

She then revealed the dessert she doesn't get to make at work that she'd most like to serve them.

Watch the full episode at the top of this article, to find out what would be on the menu.

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