Meghan back in the kitchen in the heart of the Grenfell community

We get to go to lots of visits in this job, but few places make you feel as welcome as the Hubb Community Kitchen which the Duchess of Sussex returned to today.

Any visitor, be it member of the community, a member of the Royal Family or even a member of the press is offered food, a warm reception and plenty of conversation.

The kitchens in the Al Manaar mosque brings together families in a community deeply scarred by the Grenfell Tower fire last year.

Meghan arrived this morning and was greeted by the cooks here as warmly as we’ve come to expect.

Meghan arriving at the Hubb Community Kitchen. Credit: ITV News

Many of the women here describe their relationship with the Duchess as a 'friendship' because Meghan has been coming since she moved to London after her engagement to Prince Harry.

She's made many private visits and in September, at Kensington Palace, she launched a cookbook from the recipes of the women who come here.

The book has been a phenomenal success and they are close to the £250,000 target they had set themselves.

The money has refurbished the kitchen here and given the team the resources they needed to open every day of the week – rather than the two days they were open before Meghan got involved.

After being congratulated on her baby news, the Duchess of Sussex put on a black apron and went to work in the kitchen.

Meghan helped prepare some of the dishes at the kitchen. Credit: ITV News

Here, they tell you it’s exactly what Meghan does when she comes without the cameras: she rolls up her sleeves, cooks and then eats with the women here.

"She is a Duchess", said Zahira Ghaswala who runs the Hubb Kitchen, "but for us, she is like a friend: she comes, we get together, we cook".

As another of the members told me: "when you cook, there is no difference in colour, in religion, in age, in social status".

Meghan enjoyed helping out at the Community Hubb Kitchen. Credit: ITV News

The money raised so far is from UK sales alone - and yet the book has been selling all over the world.

The women here will tell you they’ve had people getting in touch from countries as far away as the United States, New Zealand and Turkey.

Also, paying a visit to the kitchens as we did today, it’s perfectly true to say something very positive has happened in this community from the darkest of days after the terrible events at Grenfell Tower.