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Spready Mercury to David Plowie: Cumbria County Council's new gritter names are a delight

Cumbria County Council has unveiled the name a gritter competition winners. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA

Spready Mercury and Gritty Gritty Bang Bang will be keeping the streets of Cumbria safe this winter after the names were two of 11 chosen for some of the county's salt spreaders.

These two will sit alongside David Plowie and Usain Salt after Cumbria County Council’s name the gritters competition saw 200 names whittled down to just 11, as the northern authority ready their gritting fleet for the winter.

The winning names were chosen by a series of polls hosted on the council’s dedicated CumbriaGritters Twitter page, with the top-placing names in each poll being declared the winners.

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However, there were some creative options which did not make it past the polling stage.

Brad Grit, Bay Gritty Roller and Nitty Gritty all failed to make the cut for for the Cumbrian fleet.

The full list of winning names is: Gritter Garbo, Gritty McVitie, Ready Spready Go, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Spready Mercury, True Grit, Nicole Saltslinger, David Plowie, Usain Salt, Whinlatter Scatter, and Gritany Spears.

They will be given to some of the county’s 38-strong fleet of gritters.

In 2016, Oldham Council enlisted the help of the public in naming its new fleet of gritters and was bombarded with comical suggestions.