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Hang-glider 'hangs on for his life' after plunging off Swiss mountain without safety harness attached

A man who went hang-gliding for the first time had to "hang on for his life" after plunging off a mountain without his safety harness attached, footage has shown.

Chris Gursky from Florida, says he encountered "a near death experience" on a video which was taken on holiday in Switzerland.

The terrifying video shared by the photographer on his YouTube channel reveals he "left the ground unattached from the glider."

After taking off from a mountain edge, Mr Gursky had to hang on for more than two minutes as the pilot desperately trying to steer with one hand to get him safely to the ground.

Just moments after taking off, Mr Gursky and the instructor realise he is not attached to the glider.

Chris, who is wearing a white helmet, can be seen in the video tightly gripping a metal bar with his left hand and alternating his right hand from holding onto the pilot's back to clutching the pilot's leg as they glide over trees and fields.

He says he fractured his wrist in the fall and tore his bicep tendon from holding on so tightly.

The photographer added: "The landing was a rough one, but I lived to tell the story."