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The shocking footage revealing cyclist's near miss on level crossing in The Netherlands

A cyclist's near miss in Holland has been caught on camera after he managed to get out of the path of a freight train just in the nick of time.

Footage of the near miss has been released by the Dutch government body responsible for the country's railways in a bid to make people aware of the dangers of using unguarded level crossings.

The speed limit on the train tracks is around 86mph (140km/ph).

ProRail said the freight train in this video "is clearly not travelling at that speed but probably around 40mph."

The railways company said three people have died while using the 'unguarded crossings'.

Geert Vlogman, of ProRail, said: "Every accident has an enormous impact on a train diver, conductor and our incident fighters.

"'It is also a stressful situation for train traffic controllers at the traffic control posts. Collisions cause a lot of delays."