Police officer whose car was attacked by two men with sledgehammers wins Bravery Award

A police officer who warned his colleagues of two masked-men following an attack on his car with sledgehammers has won an award for bravery.

Derbyshire Police were called to a suspected burglary in Glossop on March 16 and identified a car that was thought to have been involved.

Pc Martin Hodnett then saw the two suspects jump out of their car and run towards him.

The video shows the "outstanding" officer rapidly reverse from the attack as the assailants smashed his windscreen.

Despite what had happened, Pc Hodnett immediately called his control room to try and catch the suspects.

He said: "I just expected them to stop to be honest. The next thing they had jumped out and smashed the windscreen."

Pc Martin Hodnett saw the two suspects jump out of their car and run towards him. Credit: Derbyshire Constabulary

Pc Hodnett added: "My first thought was to let the control room know so that other officers in the area could try and find them - and would know what they might do should they be stopped again."

Chief Constable Peter Goodman said: "The actions of Pc Hodnett on that evening are nothing short of outstanding.

"On his own, in the face of extreme danger, he acted with utter professionalism.

"His first thoughts were to ensure that other officers in the area were aware of the danger these criminals posed - the very embodiment of a selfless public servant."

Chief Constable Peter Goodman, presented PC Hodnett with his commendation for the bravery at the Derbyshire Constabulary Celebrating Achievements Awards at Pride Park Stadium in Derby this week.

The awards saw officers, members of the public and police staff celebrated for acts of bravery, long service and success in bringing criminals to justice.

The two suspects are still yet to be caught by police and the force said they are appealing for information.