Airline apologises after mocking five-year-old girl named Abcde

An airline was forced to apologise after an employee mocked the name of a five-year-girl.

Traci Redford and her daughter, Abcde (pronounced Ab-si-dee) were travelling home to El Paso, Texas, on Southwest Airlines from John Wayne, California, when the incident occurred.

It is alleged that a member of staff at the boarding gate began laughing and took a photo of the child's ticket and subsequently posted it on social media.

An airline spokesperson offered the family a "sincere apology" in relation to the matter.

Ms Redford made a complaint about the matter after Abcde (pronounced Ab-si-dee) had to ask her mother why the person was mocking her name.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Ms Redford said the member of gate staff: "started laughing, pointing at me and my daughter, talking to other employees".

According to official records from 2014, there were 328 children in America named Abcde.