Conservatives launch Facebook ads backing Theresa May's Brexit deal

Photo: PA

The Conservatives are taking their strategy of persuading-voters-to-persuade-MPs to back the Brexit deal seriously.

They have launched a series of Facebook ads and a website urging people to do just that.

Who Targets Me, a website monitoring political advertisements, says the Tories launched 150 ads yesterday, and looking at them here they seem to be six templates, differently targeted.

This little website -called Back The Brexit Deal - also helps voters find out who their MP is so they can tell them to get behind the deal.

But is all this effort just an attempt to apply indirect pressure on MPs?

There is a view that if - indeed when - Parliament rejects the deal in 10 days' time then one of the possible outcomes is another referendum.

It's not that Mrs May wants one, indeed she has ruled it out repeatedly, and Tory Brexiter texts to tell me there's no way that's happening ("Not. A. Chance").

But if the Government is forced down that route by Parliament then it would turn out to have been quite useful to have started their campaign early with a tour and some targeted advertising.