Just because it’s expensive does not mean it’s good value.

It’s a lesson which dozens of Los Angeles influencers learned the hard way this week.

Payless, a brand known for budget shoes, opened a fake pop-up store extravagantly named Palessi, with prices and customers to match, but of course, it was still stocked with the same affordable footwear.

Customers heaped praise on the new, edgy brand. Here's what some had to say.

  • “They’re elegant and sophisticated.”

  • “I just think they’re so classy.”

  • “I can just tell they’re made with high quality material.”

Really guys? Watch the promo video below to see others who fell for the prank.

80 fashionistas were invited to the event over two days and some paid between $400 and £600 for trainers worth $19.99 - a remarkable markup.

Palessi sold $3000 worth of shoes by the end of the 48-hour event.

The money was kindly reimbursed, and the company believes the social experiment dispels the myth that affordable cannot be fashionable too.