Sam Gyimah says May could 'lead Britain into a second referendum'

Sam Gyimah, the latest minister to resign from the Government over the Prime Minister's Brexit deal, has told ITV News he could see Theresa May leading Britain into a second referendum.

The former Universities and Science Minister said a second vote would "break the logjam" in Parliament and is a sensible idea because "we all know far more about the EU and our relationship with the EU than we did two years ago."

Mr Gyimah, who voted remain in the 2016 referendum, dismissed Mrs May's deal with Brussels as "a deal in name-only" and " a wish-list of aspirations" which he will vote against in Parliament on 11th December.

He said negotiating with the EU is "a bit like playing football against a team where they are the referee and they can make up the rules as they go along - you are setting yourself up for failure."

Theresa May's deal would surrender "our voice, our veto and our vote" he argued, and if Parliament voted for it "as a country we'll end up poorer, weaker and less secure".

Like almost everyone in Westminster, Mr Gyimah believes the government will lose the Meaningful Vote on its Withdrawal Agreement, and when that happens, he believes Theresa May could back another referendum.

"I can see her leading us into a referendum," he said.

When I put it to him that Mrs May has categorically ruled out holding a second vote under any circumstances, he said he could see her changing her mind.

"Yes. Sometimes this happens in politics, we are in uncharted waters, we've never been here before, so yes."

He is the seventh minister and ministerial aide to resign from the Government since Mrs May unveiled the draft Withdrawal Agreement less than three weeks ago.