Why Harry won’t see Mummy or Daddy on Christmas Day

Imagine being five years old and your Dad is away on military service for Christmas.

It’s a problem for many children with parents in the Army, Navy or RAF.

But imagine if both Dad and Mum were serving overseas at this time of year.

It’s why Harry O’Grady was invited to a party at Kensington Palace yesterday and why today his dad was sent a gift via Prince William and Kate who flew into Cyprus today on an early Christmas visit to troops.

The Royals met with Harry and his Grandma this week. Credit: ITV News

Harry is just five, but his Dad is serving at RAF Akrotiri and his mum is on military tour in Afghanistan - so neither will be there at Christmas this year.

Instead, Harry’s Grandma and Granddad have moved into their home at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and will look after him until his parents return.

Harry told us that he wants ‘loads and loads of presents’ from Father Christmas and a ‘Hot Wheels track’ is at the top of his list.

I asked Harry how Santa will know where he lives - what with his mum and dad being away from home.

He tells me that Santa Claus can see where Harry lives because he flies in the sky.


We took our recording of Harry on board Prince William and Kate’s plane to Cyprus today.

Some of the military personnel who won't be making it home for Christmas. Credit: ITV News

They flew to RAF Akrotiri to pay an early Christmas visit to the British troops here.

Harry’s dad, Wing Commander Paul O’Grady, is one of 11,000 military personnel from the UK who will be based overseas at this time of year - from Somalia to South Sudan and from Afghanistan to Ukraine.

Paul hopes his son, at age five, is still too young to really feel the absence of his parents but Harry will be getting a ‘second Christmas’ when they are reunited in 2019.

Prince William told the troops at the RAF station that he and his wife, Catherine, wanted to make sure they got “praise for your work and recognition of your sacrifices”.

He added: “From my time in uniform, we both know a bit of what it feels like to balance your work commitments with your family life.”

Harry’s Dad, meanwhile, told us that as long as he returns with lots of presents, he’s hopeful his son will forgive both his Mummy and Daddy.