Can Theresa May survive the failure of her Brexit plan?

Theresa May will tell MPs on Tuesday she is pulling the Brexit deal vote. Credit: PA

The prime minister had one job, after she took the greatest office in the land in July 2016 - which was to negotiate an orderly sensible Brexit.

Today she will admit she has failed - because rather than risk seeing an overwhelming majority of MPs vote down the Brexit plan she has meticulously and painstakingly agreed with the EU - she will today tell MPs she is pulling the vote.

Two questions follow.

What on earth can she say at 3.30pm today to persuade MPs and the nation that she has a strategy for a better Brexit outcome?

And will MPs actually let her pull that vote?

MPs of ALL parties - including her own - are queuing up to tell me this morning that they will not give up their democratic right to formally vote down her deal without a fight.

They think they may have the opportunity to reject the motion the government will lay shelving the vote.

If they succeed in voting down her attempt to bury a bad vote, surely in the process they will in effect be terminating her time as PM.