Cat stuck in tumble dryer vent freed with lolly stick and butter

A cat was freed from a tumble dryer vent in Kidderminster by an RSPCA officer Credit: RSPCA/ PA

A curious cat which got wedged inside a tumble dryer vent was eased free with the help of a lolly stick and butter.

The stricken pet’s owner called the RSPCA after finding she had crawled into the vent at his flat in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, on Thursday.

RSPCA animal collection officer Glenn Baird hatched a plan to slide the cat free using everyday items, after struggling to reach into the narrow space with his hands.

Only the cat’s tail could be seen from the tumble dryer vent inside the house, with her face visible through the grate outside Credit: RSPCA/PA

"The curious cat had crawled inside the vent and pipework for the tumble dryer and got jammed in tight," he explained.

"I couldn’t get anything around her in order to pull her free and it was such a small space - only about six inches wide - that I couldn’t get my hand in either.

"All you could see was her tail poking out of the end, and her face through the grate on the outside.

"I put butter inside the pipe using a lolly stick, removed the vent cover with my hammer, and pushed her.

"Luckily, she slid right out."

The cat was not injured and her owners were relieved to have her out, the RSPCA said.