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Driver survives five hours in icy California river before being rescued

Michel Finn survived for five hours in the icy waters thanks to an air pocket in his car. Credit: Cal Fire

A man survived five hours submerged in icy water after crashing car into a river.

Michael Finn, 28, was found alive inside the car when emergency officers removed the vehicle from California's Klamath River.

Emergency services were called at around 5:20am on Wednesday after a car was spotted submerged in the river.

When officers from the California Highway Patrol and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene they found a red Ford Fusion in the water and began work to pull it out of the water with the help of a tow truck.

The vehicle was spotted submerged in California's Klamath River. Credit: Cal Fire

The vehicle was removed just before 8am, more than two and a half hours after the emergency call where they found the 28-year-old.

Mr Finn told officers he believed he had crashed at around 3am, around five hours before the rescue.

He was able to survive by breathing from a pocket of air inside the car and was taken to a local medical centre where he was treated for exposure.