1. ITV Report

Negative stereotypes to be banned from adverts

Adverts which perpetuate gender stereotypes are to be banned, the regulator has announced.

Using negative stereotypes such as men failing to do chores and females being less academic than their male counterparts will no long be allowed on our screens from June next year, the Advertising Standards Authority has said

"We admit that and that's part of the reason we brought in new rules today because we know that we need to change and we know that we need to keep pace and even lead change," Karen Fraser of the Advertising Association told ITV News.

It is feared these regular archaic depictions are leading to continued pay inequality and results in psychological harm.

Other things which will be banned include the idea that transforming your body will make you more desirable.

The new rules will apply to adverts in newspapers, magazines, on television, in cinema, on leaflets and even those seen on the internet.