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One in five ‘do not read gadget manuals’

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Nearly one in five people (19%) rarely bother to read the manual after unwrapping a new gadget at Christmas, a survey suggests.

Some 26% of respondents said opening the manufacturers’ handbook is “the worst part” of receiving such a present, with almost half (49%) describing the process as “boring”.

The survey of 2,007 UK adults commissioned by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) also suggested drones are among the gadgets most commonly broken.

The research indicated that a failure to read instructions is preventing many people from enjoying their new tech, with 31% of people saying not being able to properly use or build gadgets is the main downside of receiving them.

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CAA assistant director Jonathan Nicholson said: “Although drones can be a lot of fun to use, they are not toys.

“Reading the provided instructions is essential, not just to get the most out of your drone but to ensure you’re using it safely and responsibly.”

The CAA has created a Dronecode which outlines rules designed to promote safe and responsible use of drones.

These include not flying near airports, airfields or aircraft, staying below 400 feet, and flying at least 150 feet (50 metres) away from buildings and people.