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Shocking Lisbon crash sees tram derail and smash into building

The aftermath of the rush-hour crash in Lisbon. Credit: AP

Some 28 people were injured when a Lisbon tram crashed after derailing and flipping over in evening rush-hour.

Remarkably, despite the tram being left as a crumpled mess, nobody was badly hurt.

Local media had reported a six-month-old and a seven-year-old child from the UK were among those rescued by passers-by.

But the Foreign Office later confirmed to ITV News no British people were among the injured.

The derailed tram trapped around a dozen people after hitting the building. Credit: AP

Portuguese emergency services said the tram went off the rails on a bend at the bottom of a steep hill in the city at around 6pm.

It struck a building and fell on its side, initially trapping about a dozen people in the wreckage and injuring others on the pavement.

Electric trams are an iconic mode of transport in Lisbon, used by both locals and tourists, having been in operation since 1873.