Stormy conditions, snow and freezing rain has coincided with one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

A deep area of low pressure, named as Storm Deidre by Met Eireann late Friday night, is currently pushing eastwards across the British isles.

As the wind drives the heavy rain onwards, it will fall as snow and freezing rain as it hits into colder air currently sitting over northern and eastern parts of Britain.

Amber Warnings are in place for snow and ice across Northern England and Scotland, where 5-10cm of snow could fall quite widely at lower levels, with as much as 20-40cm possible over higher routes in Scotland.

Freezing rain is most likely to fall in Northern England, leading to treacherous sheet ice conditions as super-cooled raindrops freeze on impact with the ground.

Overnight the rain and snow is expected to ease. Credit: PA

Strong winds associated with the storm could also whip up the snow into blizzard-like conditions through Saturday evening making driving conditions very tricky as shoppers return home.

Overnight the rain and snow is expected to ease, however a cold night will lead to further icy roads and pavements.